Water-based CBD oil

by PP Health Admin / May 21, 2021

Water-based CBD oil

Our water-based CBD is a great alternative to CBD oil. We call it CBD Boost because it literally has a quick and powerful impact.

Faster operation

Our water-based product is very special, because it contains all cannabinoids: the so-called full-spectrum. It is fundamental for the healing effects that the plant's full-spectrum of cannabinoids remain intact.

Oils are made up of large molecules that are broken down externally by enzymes in the mouth. Therefore, you should keep the CBD drops in your mouth for a minute before swallowing.

We have managed to make the particles smaller without changing the structure of the product. These small particles of CBD dissolved in water are immediately and quickly absorbed.

Importance of water

Water is the most important constituent of the human body. The percentage is between 55 and 60%. Most of this water - 40-50 liters for an adult man - is in our body cells: a cell is actually a bag of water containing different structures.

There are organs that are very watery. For example, the lungs are 90% water, 80% of the skin and 70% of the brain. So, oil is partially broken down by the organs.

In the bloodstream and lymph vessels, water ensures the transport of nutrients, metabolic products, waste products, hormones, minerals and vitamins to and from the cells. Due to the hydrophilic nature of the CBD, the absorption is almost complete and therefore 7- to 8 times more effective.

Water-based CBD is very easy to mix with a drink and leaves no traces. The particles are small, so the body absorbs them directly.