Remember Your CBD Softgels: A Beach Bag Checklist for Summer of Relaxation

by PP Health Admin / Sep 28, 2021

Sun cream? Check. Beach reading? Check. Water bottle? Check. CBD Softgels? Check! Yes, you read that last one correctly. CBD softgels are an ideal way to consume CBD, especially on the go. CBD is rising in popularity as people are beginning to discover the possible benefits that hemp may offer. While research is still ongoing, there are some studies and reviews that have demonstrated CBD's potential ability to influence some common symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, pain, and sleep issues. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that some people are turning to CBD in an attempt to affect signs of stress. Keep reading to discover why CBD softgels are the hidden gems worth adding to your summer checklist.

What is CBD?

Before we explain what CBD softgels are, we first need to answer another question. So, what is CBD? The full name for the CBD cannabinoid is ‘cannabidiol’, and it is one of over a hundred botanical compounds found in the cannabis Sativa plant. Beyond its potential wellbeing benefits, CBD rose to stardom partly thanks to its non-intoxicating properties. This means that CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is widely regarded as the main psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. CBD is first extracted from the plant before being diluted with a carrier oil to create CBD oil. Popular choices include olive oil, coconut oil, and hemp seed oil.

There are a variety of products that you can use to add CBD to your daily routine - such as lotions, smoothies, oils, tinctures, and many more! One of the most convenient ways to consume it is via CBD softgels due to their simplicity and ease of use.

What are CBD Softgels?

Put simply; CBD softgels are capsules that can be made from gelatine or sorbitol (sugar alcohol). As you've probably guessed, they are infused with CBD (typically by way of a specially formulated CBD oil). Some softgels will be suitable for vegans, while others won't be. Therefore, if this is important to your lifestyle, we recommend that you research different manufacturers and ingredients before you make any purchases or commitments.

To consume CBD softgels, you need to swallow your desired number whole with a glass of water. It's advised that you also drink some water beforehand to prevent your throat from being too dry. Then place one softgel at a time onto your tongue and slightly tilt your chin downwards. Make sure that you keep drinking after you swallow the softgel so that it makes its way down to your stomach. It may take between thirty and sixty minutes to feel any potential effects of CBD via this method, as softgels need to move through your liver and digestive system before the cannabidiol can reach your bloodstream. This process will also depend on other factors, such as your height and weight, BMI, metabolism, and body fat percentage.

CBD Capsules vs CBD Softgels

So, what’s the difference between CBD capsules and CBD softgels? While they are consumed in similar ways, there are some differences between the two, for example:

  • The composition
  • Softgels are more expensive to make.
  • Softgels can be easier to swallow than hard capsules due to how smooth they are. The contour and shape make them straightforward to consume.
  • Softgels often have a longer shelf life due to how they are sealed.
  • Softgels may offer more potential benefits as they allow for the better retention of the vitamins and enzymes that come from CBD.
  • Softgels are considered to be a better method for non-water-soluble oils like CBD.
  • Softgels truly have no smell or taste, whereas other capsules can sometimes carry a slight aftertaste or smell. This subtlety is why some people prefer to use softgels as opposed to capsules.

The Potential Benefits of Choosing CBD Softgels

As we already know, the market is flooded with different ways for you to consume CBD. So, why choose softgels? Below, we’ve listed some of the main reasons why you might want to consider making CBD softgels your primary method of CBD consumption.

CBD Softgels Have Virtually No Taste

For some, choosing a CBD product that has no taste is essential. After all, the natural tang that accompanies hemp isn't to everyone's taste. Neither is consuming CBD via edibles, as some people may be following specific diets, or they might simply prefer to keep their eating separate from their CBD consumption. CBD softgels can feel more like a supplement (almost like taking a vitamin), which will be more favourable to some people's routines. The fact that you swallow the softgels with a glass of water means that there will be virtually no flavour to the CBD (and no 'earthy' aftertaste).

They are Handy for On-The-Go Use 

This modern world keeps us all very busy; whether we're going to work, meeting friends, or shopping for groceries, there always seems to be something to do! CBD softgels are super handy for busy people, as you can slip them into your handbag, work bag, laptop case, or even your pocket! Of course, they also lend themselves to leisure time, as you can pop them into your beach bag to enjoy on a chilled out day.

They’re Easy to Take

Let's face it, CBD consumption doesn't come any easier than CBD softgels. With this method, all of the hard work is done for you, and you will know the exact CBD concentration present in every capsule. This makes it straightforward to figure out a dose that you are comfortable with. Additionally, softgels are simple to use, as all you need to do is swallow them whole with a glass of water (and on a full stomach, if possible). When it comes to dosage, you should begin with a lower concentration of CBD so that your body can get used to it. A good idea is to consume 10 mg or 20 mg, to begin with, and increase your dosage should you feel the need.

You Can Fly Under the Radar With CBD Softgels

It’s easy to fly under the radar with CBD softgels, which is ideal for nervous people who want a method that doesn’t require any overthinking. After all, swallowing a capsule will not garner any unwanted attention from loved ones or strangers, as it’s such a common action. On the subject of flying, it’s also important to note that you should always check the legal status of CBD in the summer locations where you plan to travel in order to judge whether it’s appropriate to take with you.

CBD and Relaxation: The Current Research

Let's appreciate some of the current research into CBD and relaxation. Although there are currently no specific CBD softgel studies, there is plenty of material to draw from as we examine the oral consumption of cannabidiol.

CBD and Anxiety Symptoms

A woman looking anxiously out of the window.

Feelings of stress and anxiety can cause individuals a whole host of negative symptoms, as it can take its toll on both your physical and mental health. While there are many different types of anxiety disorders, some share similar symptoms. For example, physical signs can include feeling sick, insomnia, headaches, a dry mouth, and excessive sweating. Psychological symptoms can include feeling restless, having a sense of dread, and trouble concentrating. The current treatment of anxiety can include counselling and medications; however, these aren't always effective. Here, a common internet search phrase is 'CBD for anxiety' - indicating that many people wish to find a more natural supplement.

Research suggests that CBD may potentially interact with the CB1 receptors linked to mood and the serotonin receptor that helps to regulate fear, stress, and anxiety behaviours. The authors of this piece of research examined a range of studies, both clinical and pre-clinical, and this led them to suggest that CBD has shown some exciting possibilities for impacting different types of anxiety disorders. It might even affect some signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder (PD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), and generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). While further research needs to take place, these possibilities are fascinating.

In a study that was published in 2020, scientists examined the effects of CBD on 397 adults. The participants of this study were suffering from various discomforts, such as general pain, mental health conditions, and neurological symptoms. All of the participants from this study stated that they personally felt that CBD consumption improved their sense of wellbeing after three weeks. The approach may have been particularly beneficial for the individuals who were dealing with depression and anxiety symptoms. When asked to comment, these people said they felt that CBD consumption allowed them to perform their daily tasks with fewer difficulties and that their self-perceived pain perceptions had improved.

Finally, an article published in 2020 reviewed eight studies that examined the potential effects of CBD on anxiety disorders. The authors concluded that CBD might hold some intriguing possibilities for some signs of generalised anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety disorder. The authors suggested that CBD could be taken on its own, or as part of a more comprehensive self-care plan. However, it's important to note that a variety of doses were used, from 6-400 mg per CBD dose. This covers a wide range, and therefore further research is vital to helping us establish a standard dose for specific symptoms. Further guidance will also be important to estimate how best to experiment with CBD in your lifestyle.

CBD and Sleep

In order to be well-rested, happy, and calm during the day, we need to have had a good night's sleep the previous night. After all, insomnia can cause people to become irritable and affect concentration levels throughout the day. Some people choose to use sleeping tablets to help improve their sleep. However, this is not a safe or long-term solution, and some pills may cause serious adverse side effects. 'CBD for sleep' is a popular online search phrase, as people wish to discover if the all-natural cannabinoid might improve sleep. One piece of research from 2019 examined the effects of CBD on people with anxiety and sleep issues. They were provided with oral doses of CBD ranging from 25-175 mg. The authors of this study suggested that 25 mg potentially led to a self-perceived decrease in anxiety symptoms, while higher CBD doses may have connected with the theme of sleep. Following one month of this investigation, 66.7% of the participants claimed that they were sleeping better. This study is encouraging, and it prompts the need for further research into CBD, sleep, and dosage guidelines.

One review published in 2018 suggested that it may be worth considering cannabidiol in light of symptoms of pain and inflammation. The researchers stated that by potentially influencing some signs of chronic pain, CBD might be able to impact some pain-triggered sleep disturbances. There are also things that you can do to help promote your sense of relaxation and improve your quality of sleep. For instance, it's important that you make your bedroom as dark as possible. This could involve buying blackout curtains and making sure that you avoid the blue light of mobile phones or television. You could also consider avoiding screens before you go to bed and reading a book before you try to sleep. Another great way to create an atmosphere of relaxation around bedtime is to enjoy a nice bubble bath. Consider making use of these tips along with supplementing CBD softgels into your routine.

How Else Can You Relax?

A woman on the beach, paddling in the sea.

So, how else can you enjoy a summer of relaxation? Here are some of the most fulfilling ways to celebrate your summer break:

  • Exercise: Exercise doesn't sound very relaxing; we hear you thinking! Well, exercise like yoga or Pilates has been known to both relax and re-energise people. It's a simple form of exercise for anyone, as there are plenty of handy tutorials online that will suit different experience levels. You can choose to do it indoors for added privacy and convenience. However, if you have a garden, why not make use of it throughout the summer days? Try some yoga in the sun! Other great summer activities include swimming and hiking.
  • Socialise: Seeing your friends and family is a great form of stress relief. It can also increase your happiness, especially if you're getting out and doing something fun, like going to the cinema or embarking on a road trip. It's also an ideal time to talk about any issues that may be bothering you and receive advice from your loved ones.
  • Practice self-care: This is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot in health and wellness communities, but it is important. After all, we all need some me-time every now and again. This could be as simple as getting a massage, reading your favourite book, or meditating. It’s all about making sure that you take time out to enjoy an activity that you find relaxing and therapeutic.
  • Get Some Vitamin D: This is a vital vitamin for normal and healthy bone growth. It also influences the health of your teeth and protects you from developing some deficiency-related illnesses. Vitamin D regulates how the body absorbs calcium and contributes to the overall functioning of your immune system. You can absorb vitamin D easily during the summer months, thanks to the glorious sunshine! So, take yourself out for a walk and enjoy the rays – just remember to use sun cream with strong UV protection.
  • Unplug: Give yourself a break from technology when you can. This could mean resisting the urge to check your phone, putting work emails on mute for the night, and generally setting boundaries. This is also a great idea for when you're trying to sleep. If possible, it's best to avoid technology for at least an hour before bed. This can help to promote an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. Harsh blue light can also negatively impact your sleep, so try and avoid it where possible.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we believe that CBD softgels are a must-have this summer (and beyond). As we have discovered, CBD softgels are easy to consume (all you need is a glass or bottle of water). They are also simple to dose and ideal for taking with you on the go - provided that they are legal where you live. There's been lots of interesting research exploring CBD and symptoms of anxiety, stress, and sleep. These studies indicate CBD's potential promise as a natural supplement. However, further peer-reviewed research is needed before we can make any assumptions.

It's important to remember to take time for yourself, see your friends, exercise, and enjoy the little things that make you happy. After all, stress can really take a huge toll on the body and mind if we don’t achieve the right balance. So, discover the simplicity of all-natural CBD softgels today! And remember, always begin with a low dose and purchase them from a reputable brand.